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Software Defined Radio

Presented by Robby Robson WB5RVZ and Bill Kroeger AE5BK


       Have you laid down your soldering iron for the last time? Are you spending more time on the computer?  You may want to check the references below - as they will inform you on how to take an inexpensive piece of hardware ($10 - $100) and the computer software (in most cases free) and be able to hear things on the Ham bands that you never could hear before.  The diagram shown below is much larger than the radio.  The References and Links follow.

Active Links for the above References below

Software Defined Radio, CQ Magazine, Oct 2003

A Software-Defined Radio For the Masses, Parts 1-4

Quadrature Signals: Complex, But Not Complicated

Ultra Low Noise, High Performance, Zero IF Quadrature Product Detector and Preamplifier

HP article on the basics of IQ digital data from/to a radio

Signals, Samples and Stuff: A DSP Tutorial Parts 1-4

Build-to-Learn Article (Build Softrock Lite Rcvr)

SDR Softwares:




  •        PowerSDR
  •        Spectraview


    Reference Links



    Softrock Radio

    Firefly SDR


    The presentation was informative and enlightening - Did you MISS IT??